Trendspotting at Sweets & Snacks 2015

Candy for breakfast? Sounds like a dream come true. According to David Herbling at the Chicago Tribune, it just might become a reality at the candy counter near you!

National Candy Association president John Downs believes Americans want customized premium products. At this week’s Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago, top chocolate companies are rolling out the best of their latest offerings, and we noticed some very interesting innovations.

San Diego chocolatier and master chef Michael Antonorsi is waking up chocolate lovers with a new line of breakfast inspired bars in his Chuo Chocolatier brand family. Cinnamon cereal, strawberry waffle, and Baconluxious chocolate bars certainly caught our eyes! Reminding us it is okay to eat chocolate all day long, Chuo Chocolatier line also includes a sweet & salty bar, potato chip bar and popcorn pop bar, just perfect for Father’s Day.

Everything is more fun when we make it tiny. Who doesn’t love a little peanut butter with their chocolate? Or is it a little chocolate with their peanut butter? Either way, Justin Gold, known for his organic nut butter confections, is giving fans of his artisanal peanut butter cups a little more to chew on. The 2013 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year debuted mini dark chocolate peanut butter cups and mini milk chocolate peanut butter cups.

Bacci Chocolate Design waxes nostalgia with new ways to enjoy familiar tastes, such as its CB Stuffers, 5.5 oz. peanut butter cups. Rather, they begin with chocolate and peanut butter, and then add marshmallow, bacon, jelly, and more!

Denver-based Hammond’s Candies takes the cake (and pie) with 2.25 oz. chocolate bars that remind you of your favorite desserts, such as Red Velvet cake and Bourbon Pecan Pie.

Here’s a list of some of the other buzz-worthy products we noticed:

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