American Artisan Chocolate Makers receive international awards



Last night, chocolate makers throughout the American continents received recognition by the International Chocolate Awards for excellence in our industry.

“By helping to identify the best chocolate made with the best cacao,” the judges, including experts from around the world, hope, “to help chocolate makers, chocolatiers and cacao farmers continue to succeed at producing the world’s best fine cacao and fine chocolate.”

Our congratulations go out to all the winners and competitors. They deserve recognition for putting such amazing products out there for their customers, day in and day out. Nevertheless, a nice award from an international organization of peers is always sweet.

The overall gold awards went to Soma Chocolate of Canada, for its dark chocolate, and Chocolates El Rey of Venezuela, for its milk chocolate.

Top American artisan chocolate makers included Rogue Chocolate (gold for its Jamaica dark, silvers for Porcelana and Tranquilidad), Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate (silver for its 74% Dominican).

Micro-batch chocolatiers receiving top honors were Fresco (gold for 224 Dominican Republic 72%) and silver award winners Dandelion, Madre Chocolate and Millcreek Cacao Roasters.

Categories at the event included “plain” dark, milk and white chocolate, as well as flavored chocolates (infusion, inclusions, filled), micro-batch recipes, ganache, pralines, truffles, nuts, caramels and spreads.

Other American artisan chocolate makers recognized in these categories were:

The wide varieties of chocolate offered by trendsetting chocolatiers worldwide inspire and inform our work. We specialize in custom chocolate recipe development with our partners and co-manufacturing customers.

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For a complete list of awards, click here.