Milk Hero Cocoa Chippies - cane sugar 40#

Our delicious Milk Hero cocoa Chippies with cane sugar 

Use chips in cookies, snacks, shakes, ice cream and many other foods. 
Have an adventure by turning the Chippies into something magical.
Take the Hero Chippies or Hero bars product out of the packaging and place in a microwave container. Put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, stir and then repeat in 15 seconds increments until melted or till 113f. Once it's melted or to temp, add some inclusions (nuts, fruit, rice crispy, pretzels, spices or other snacks. Then pour the product into the mold, pour on to some wax paper, dip ice cream comes in the product and then put it in the fridge to cool. No need to temper and for best looking product make sure the temperature is at 113 when pouring into mold.

Only 4 ingredients cocoa powder, RSPO palm kernel, cane sugar and milk.

Price $7.60 pound which is $304 for #40 Box 

For pricing over 10,000 pounds please call. 

CALL 574-255-2366 TO ORDER

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