Wave Chocolate Sticks For Wine Pairing

Catch the wave of the new wine and chocolate pairing.

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wave chocolate sticks
  • Artisan Chocolate cocktail sticks for pairing with wine and cocktails
  • Certified organic, Kosher, and vegan
  • 3 ingredients: Organic cacao, organic sugar, organic cocoa butter
  • Great for eating with wine, coffee, ice cream and hot chocolate
  • Single origin chocolate from Ecuador

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In 2012, Brent Davis saw a delightful opportunity to create chocolates to pair with wine.

There was a void in the market with only one company producing chocolate for wine. The company was a a re-melter that did not make their own chocolate, did not use organic ingredients, or did not offer custom recipes — all of which happened to be Davis' specialties. The re-melter had no control over the chocolate except to add nuts, fruits, and other inclusions. Yet, chocolate, fundamentally like wine, requires control. It has terroir — a unique flavor profile derived from the type of cacao bean as well as where, when, and how it’s grown. Similar to grapes used to make fine wine, cacao beans grown a few miles away or grown in variable climates can yield dramatically different results in taste.

As Davis attended wine shows, he found no one selling chocolate. To move forward on this unique opportunity, he had to expand his knowledge of wine. Davis contacted a master sommelier in nearby Michigan. With the help of the sommelier, he discovered that multiple factors determined the complimentary combinations. The sugar level, the acidity, and the flavor notes such as fruit, wood, and earth, are all found in both wine and chocolate. After many meetings, a plan evolved to get artisanal chocolate in the hands (and wine glasses) of people to experience the wonderful pairing of wine and chocolate. The final distinctive chocolates, a white and four different percentages (30%, 50%, 60%, and 70%), were produced to match the most popular dessert wine choices.

After the final distinctive chocolates were created, Davis moved on to the design. He knew he wanted a slender shape that would look and feel elegant while delivering a small but concentrated taste. The resulting design took the traditional stirring stick used in cocktails with a wavy flair to add pizzazz to a glass in addition to making them fun to hold and to eat.

By using carefully crafted, high quality organic chocolate, Davis has filled the void in the market with a delightful product that can be enjoyed both alone and with wine

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