About Davis Chocolate

Who We Are

Davis Chocolate is a family-owned business, and we are passionate about chocolate. We found our sweet spot in 2011 crafting bean to bar chocolate for private label store brands from single-origin beans or custom bean blends for chocolatier craftsmen with large and small chocolate distribution needs. Our temperature-controlled equipment preserves the repeatability of flavor for the custom recipes we develop with our customers.

Whether you need a bar crafted from our signature chocolate recipes or you want to offer your customers the custom-made experience they expect in a private label chocolate bar, we can create a premium product that will leave a lasting impression.

We are concerned about high GMO risk ingredients common in most food production. We are a soy-free facility (unless requests), and select Fair Trade Certified™ cacao to support sustainable farming practices.

We believe this helps everyone to Feel Better... Live Better... Eat Better.

The Davis Chocolate Creed

We believe chocolate should be simply complex.
That’s why we use only the purest ingredients to create a distinguished flavor without additives.

We believe everyone should have access to premium chocolate.
That’s why we work with you to develop your signature taste. We give every recipe and every order the same attention to detail.

We believe there is a right way and a wrong way to craft chocolate.
That’s why we use the best ingredients available and safest manufacturing processes.

We believe there is more than one right way to enjoy chocolate.
That’s why we offer a variety of refining methods (Swiss, Belgian, Artisanal or American) to develop the flavor profile and texture you desire—without compromising the integrity of the cocoa bean.

Finally, we believe you should get your chocolate in a timely manner.
That’s why our bean-to-bar chocolate makers process cacao nibs from roast, winnow, grind, blend, deposit and wrap in one facility, minimizing the ordering to shipping time.

Chocolate Mix

Why we can do what we do

    Here are a few highlights of how our state-of-the-art facility creates your private label, premium chocolate just the way you like it:

    • Our facility is temperature controlled through the entire chocolate making process. We know this is important to you because if raw chocolate is over-heated, it will lose many of its important health benefits and compromise the taste.
    • Our chocolatiers roast, conch and temper cacao beans precisely for the taste and consistency of the chocolate you desire. That means you can offer your patrons different varieties of chocolate -- such as minimally processed with a complex taste, or milk chocolate for a more familiar flavor.
    • Our machinery flow-wraps up to 100 bars per minute, which means lower prices and improved “work-life balance” for chocolate craftsmen, who traditionally hand-wrap bars.

    The Dream of Davis Chocolate

    Our Mission

    We offer private label, premium chocolate
    with the purest ingredients, custom flavors and molds,
    and exceptional customer service.