About Davis Chocolate

Who We Are

When Indiana chocolatier, Brent Davis, went looking for a new venture prior to launching Davis Chocolate, he was inspired in equal parts by tales of serendipitous invention, internet how-to videos, his own mechanical know-how, his determination to manufacture in the United States, and his childhood memories of riding around downtown Mishawaka, Indiana, on his bike with the first chocolate bar he bought for himself — only to find it tragically melted when he unwrapped it.

As Indiana's only bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer, Davis has traveled around the world to many chocolate farms—including Ecuador, Hawaii, and the Dominican Republic—in search of the best beans. He favors the superb flavor of the Ecuadorian beans, which are organic and fair trade, and certified. He appreciates the fact that his purchase from Ecuador means more money goes toward the hard-working farmers than in other countries.   

Davis exerts an unusual degree of control over his product. After the beans are harvested, fermented and dried in their country of origin, they are shipped to Davis' soy free facility where they are sorted, cleaned, roasted, winnowed, crushed, pressed, conched, tempered, mixed with other ingredients, molded, wrapped, and packaged. By employing state-of-the-art equipment enabling careful temperature control at every stage of the process, Davis achieves better consistency from batch to batch without unwanted additives. Most Davis chocolates have just 3 ingredients—cacao, sugar, and cocoa butter—so you know exactly what you are putting in your body. The result is a chocolate that is winning raves across the country.

Davis Chocolate produces dark, milk and white chocolate bars; chocolate bars with inclusions such as almond, peanut butter, and cranberries; raw and powdered cocoa nibs and chocolate and peanut butter chips for baking; wine sticks for wine and chocolate pairing; wave sticks for yogurt, ice cream, cakes, and just plain eating; liquid chocolate; truffles; and chocolate products packaged for others, creating custom orders ranging from as little as 10,000 pounds to hundreds of times that amount. Davis has exhibited at shows in Florida, New York, and Chicago. Most Davis chocolates are purchased online through Amazon or the Davis Chocolate website, though it is also popular in its home region.

A project that began as a part time experiment has become much more: a vibrant, expanding business, a delicious addition to the Michiana food scene, and a local engine for ethical commerce and consumption. Now that’s sweet!

The Davis Chocolate Creed

We believe chocolate should be simply complex.
That’s why we use only the purest ingredients to create a distinguished flavor without additives.

We believe everyone should have access to premium chocolate.
That’s why we work with you to develop your signature taste. We give every recipe and every order the same attention to detail.

We believe there is a right way and a wrong way to craft chocolate.
That’s why we use the best ingredients available and safest manufacturing processes.

We believe there is more than one right way to enjoy chocolate.
That’s why we offer a variety of refining methods (Swiss, Belgian, Artisanal or American) to develop the flavor profile and texture you desire—without compromising the integrity of the cocoa bean.

Finally, we believe you should get your chocolate in a timely manner.
That’s why our bean-to-bar chocolate makers process cacao nibs from roast, winnow, grind, blend, deposit and wrap in one facility, minimizing the ordering to shipping time.

Chocolate Mix

Why buy Davis Chocolate?


    • Family owned company
    • Member of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association


    • Bean to bar manufacturer — with only three ingredients, we provide you with the true flavor of chocolate
    • Single origin — cocoa bean are purchase from Ecuador to support and better pay to cocoa workers and farmers
    • Fair trade — cocoa farmers receive a living wage and a premium for their product
    • Rainforest alliance — cocoa growers receive a higher price for beans to fund both ethical and sustainable production which includes environmental, economic, and labor conditions
    • Organic — no artificial flavor or colors, preservatives, or chemical ingredients
    • Kosher and parve — use only organic cocoa butter; no dairy
    • Soy free facility — non-GMO and gluten free — a large percentage of soy is both genetically modified and loaded with pesticides
    • Temperature controlled product — manipulates the chocolate for better taste and appearance

    Wine and Chocolate

    • Most knowledgeable about wine and chocolate — Works with a master sommelier for exquisite wine and chocolate pairing

      The Dream of Davis Chocolate

      Our Mission

      We offer private label, premium chocolate
      with the purest ingredients, custom flavors and molds,
      and exceptional customer service.