Sustaining our future through responsible business practices

The high demand for chocolate worldwide takes a toll on the environment and its producers. Davis Chocolate believes that in order for us to craft premium chocolate, we must work in ways that do no harm to our planet and create opportunities for the communities where the cacao beans are grown.

Here are a few ways Davis Chocolate practices sustainability:

  • Mass farming of cacao beans can lead to deforestation, and ultimately the decimation of cacao bean farms. To help reverse this, we work with the Rainforest Alliance™ to ensure all products and the entire process of cacao bean farming is ethical for the farmer and kind to the environment.
  • We buy only beans that are Fair Trade™ certified. This ensures that the farmers are paid fairly for their hard work and children are not exploited in the farming and harvesting process.
  • We offer certified organic chocolate, which means no pesticides, preservatives, artificial colors or GMOs. We also offer vegan, Kosher/parve, gluten-free, dairy-free, or a multitude of other recipe modifications. Vegan certification is also available. Our products are soy free unless requested.
  • To discourage the market from manufacturing products that are harmful for the environment and our bodies, we do not use any artificial ingredients or additives in our signature recipes, and encourage this with our co-manufacturing partners.
  • With such a wide range of chocolate manufacturers and standards, it can be difficult to ensure of the integrity of the chocolate you provide to your customers. That is why we joined the Fine Chocolate Industry Association, promoting the artistry and craftsmanship of the chocolate professional, producing superior products with premium chocolate and natural ingredients. We use the best cacao processing and production practices and believe in transparent labeling and marketing.