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A collaboration of food artists from around the world have debuted a sweet and magical collection of edible art in celebration of world-renowned author, J.K. Rowling

Birthday Mischief Managed, founded in July 2014, proudly honors some of the world’s most esteemed personalities and award winning artists in the food industry. Audiences may recognize work styles and faces of the participants from hit television series and competitions Cake Boss: Next Great Baker, Sugar Dome, Cake Wars, Ultimate Cake Off, Outrageous Chocolate, and more. Each member was asked to join based on their fanatic for the project at hand and to “dress” for the occasion!

To celebrate J K Rowling’s. birthday on July 31st, which coincidentally is Harry Potter’s birthday, the members of the group chose locations inspired by the books, movies, and Pottermore. Members were given artistic freedom to create original edible fan art celebrating or jinxing the birthdays of J.K. and Harry. For an added challenge, members were asked to incorporate a twist or three, hidden gems, “Easter Eggs” if you will, as gifts, some sentimental for J.K. and fans to find.

Wizarding World is not only admired by the Birthday Mischief Managed members, but by their families, too. Young budding artists ranging from ages 4-13, were invited to contribute a project and the response impressed the adult members. The kids enthusiastically participated, creating edible projects and drawings; some even completed the task of adding the twists. This addition to an edible art collaborative effort is the first of its kind.  

When asked to reflect on her first experience as a collaborative leader, Chef Mitchiesaid, “It was one of the most difficult secrets to keep under our cloaks and most amazing, yet humbling, experience to date. New friendships connected by a passion for edible art and fanning for the Wizarding World. Our members did an outstanding job bringing this idea to fruition. Some were faced with other challenges while doing so that could have prevented them from participating, myself included.

Dumbledore said it best, ‘Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.’  

The dedicated team at Birthday Mischief Managed was recruited via “owl” by its founders Michelle “ChefMitchie” Curran of Mitchies Munchies in Las Vegas, NV U.S.A. and SuzanneNeri-Medal of CAKELDY in San, Jose, CA U.S.A. Members of Birthday Mischief Managed do not receive compensation for creating their contributions or vice versa. Expenses for product, materials, equipment, etc. are provided solely by the members and their sponsors.

The images shown illustrate the work of Paul Joachim, The Chocolate Genius. His contribution was sponsored by Davis Chocolate.

Birthday Mischief Managed invites the public to join in the fun by following along and sharing.

Fans are encouraged to share their own edible creations and birthday greetings using the following hashtags so the group may share in return: #BirthdayMischief #JKR50 #HBDJK#HBDHarry



Last night, chocolate makers throughout the American continents received recognition by the International Chocolate Awards for excellence in our industry.

“By helping to identify the best chocolate made with the best cacao,” the judges, including experts from around the world, hope, “to help chocolate makers, chocolatiers and cacao farmers continue to succeed at producing the world’s best fine cacao and fine chocolate.”

Our congratulations go out to all the winners and competitors. They deserve recognition for putting such amazing products out there for their customers, day in and day out. Nevertheless, a nice award from an international organization of peers is always sweet.

The overall gold awards went to Soma Chocolate of Canada, for its dark chocolate, and Chocolates El Rey of Venezuela, for its milk chocolate.

Top American artisan chocolate makers included Rogue Chocolate (gold for its Jamaica dark, silvers for Porcelana and Tranquilidad), Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate (silver for its 74% Dominican).

Micro-batch chocolatiers receiving top honors were Fresco (gold for 224 Dominican Republic 72%) and silver award winners Dandelion, Madre Chocolate and Millcreek Cacao Roasters.

Categories at the event included “plain” dark, milk and white chocolate, as well as flavored chocolates (infusion, inclusions, filled), micro-batch recipes, ganache, pralines, truffles, nuts, caramels and spreads.

Other American artisan chocolate makers recognized in these categories were:

The wide varieties of chocolate offered by trendsetting chocolatiers worldwide inspire and inform our work. We specialize in custom chocolate recipe development with our partners and co-manufacturing customers.

If we can help you to increase your production capacity or lower manufacturing costs, please contact us 855-DCHOCOLATE (855-324-6265) or email Brent at

For a complete list of awards, click here.

NonGMO Fair Trade CacaoThe experience of chocolate melting on your tongue is like no other. 

At Davis Chocolate, we begin with the finest cacao beans selected from Fair Trade Certified™ suppliers. By using minimal processing techniques, our chocolates bring forth flavors evocative of their natural origin.

Most commercially made chocolate contains lecithin, an emulsifying agent that prevents cocoa butter from separating from cocoa solids and milk (in  milk chocolate recipes), stabilizing the cocoa solids. (Not exactly the "melt on your tongue" chocolate experience your customers want.)

Commonly, lecithin is derived from soy. Most soy in North America is genetically modified (GMO). Among many consumers, there are growing concerns that genetically modified ingredients present potentially long-term health risks. Listed by the FDA as a major food allergen, research also indicates soy may present some cancer risks.

For these reasons, Davis Chocolate is committed to remaining a soy-free facility.

There are relatively few soy-free chocolate brands in today's market. As you seek to differentiate your products from the rest, we are ready to help you with custom recipes, single-origin bean selection and efficiently produced finished products.

Candy for breakfast? Sounds like a dream come true. According to David Herbling at the Chicago Tribune, it just might become a reality at the candy counter near you!

National Candy Association president John Downs believes Americans want customized premium products. At this week’s Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago, top chocolate companies are rolling out the best of their latest offerings, and we noticed some very interesting innovations.

San Diego chocolatier and master chef Michael Antonorsi is waking up chocolate lovers with a new line of breakfast inspired bars in his Chuo Chocolatier brand family. Cinnamon cereal, strawberry waffle, and Baconluxious chocolate bars certainly caught our eyes! Reminding us it is okay to eat chocolate all day long, Chuo Chocolatier line also includes a sweet & salty bar, potato chip bar and popcorn pop bar, just perfect for Father’s Day.

Everything is more fun when we make it tiny. Who doesn’t love a little peanut butter with their chocolate? Or is it a little chocolate with their peanut butter? Either way, Justin Gold, known for his organic nut butter confections, is giving fans of his artisanal peanut butter cups a little more to chew on. The 2013 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year debuted mini dark chocolate peanut butter cups and mini milk chocolate peanut butter cups.

Bacci Chocolate Design waxes nostalgia with new ways to enjoy familiar tastes, such as its CB Stuffers, 5.5 oz. peanut butter cups. Rather, they begin with chocolate and peanut butter, and then add marshmallow, bacon, jelly, and more!

Denver-based Hammond’s Candies takes the cake (and pie) with 2.25 oz. chocolate bars that remind you of your favorite desserts, such as Red Velvet cake and Bourbon Pecan Pie.

Here’s a list of some of the other buzz-worthy products we noticed:

At Davis Chocolate, we help make chocolate wishes come true for chocolate makers. When you are ready to innovate, we have the expertise and capabilities to make your dreams come true!

If you give a kid a candy bar, he enjoys it for a moment. If you give cocoa mulch to the Unity Gardens in South Bend, you enrich the whole community.

For several years, Davis Chocolate™ in Mishawaka, Indiana, has donated cocoa hulls to the local non-profit, which turns the shells into nutrient rich natural mulch at its 7-acre open garden on South Bend’s west side.

Master gardener Mitch Yaciw says the cocoa mulch acts as a pre-emergent barrier against weeds and, as it breaks down, the nitrogen in the mulch attracts worms, enriching the soil. (He does note that cocoa mulch can be dangerous to dogs.)

As a youth, Yaciw worked in garden stores and remembers selling cocoa mulch, but said he was unable to find it for sale locally. He met Davis Chocolate president Brent Davis at a fundraising event sponsored by Indulgence Pastry Shop and Café in South Bend.

Just like the fine chocolate made at Davis Chocolate, the right ingredients came together to create something magical.

Davis Chocolate had cocoa hulls – a byproduct of the bean-to-bar chocolate making process – and the Unity Gardens had a way to use them in an environmentally safe way. Even more than enriching the soil, volunteers at the Unity Gardens use cocoa mulch to improve the neighborhood through the cooperative practice of community gardening.

Chocolate comes from cacao trees. The beans (actually seeds) are imported from often volatile regions with little infrastructure, grown by small farmers with few resources. Pressured by the global demand for chocolate and to eek out a meager living, local farmers clear forest lands that once provided shade for the tender cacao trees, to make room for more plantings. (Sustainable Cocoa Economy, 2007)

The economic, environmental and social benefits of cocoa production are the interdependent “three pillars of sustainability.” Each pillar’s strength depends on sustaining and developing the integrity of the other two pillars. To allow cocoa production to satisfy the needs of a growing market, responsible chocolate makers engage in fair trade principles.

Fair Trade USA, with whom Davis Chocolate partners, believes “every purchase matters” and offers chocolate consumers a way to identify quality products that improve the lives of the farmers and protect the environment where cacao trees grow. Producer cooperatives share in the economic benefit of the cocoa trade, empowering the farmers to create positive change in their communities.

This weekend, as part of the citywide 150th birthday celebration, the Unity Garden will host a Community Cookout and Yaciw will talk on the history of local urban gardening.

The Unity Gardens executive director, Sara Stewart RN MSN, explains the garden is a lure: gathering a diverse group of people to work together and feeding the hungry with their harvest.

Aside from providing a bountiful yield available for all who wish to partake, the Unity Gardens offers gardening classes, cooking and preserving lessons, and summer day camp for kids. The nonprofit trades with local grocers and restaurants, such as South Bend Farmers Market and Javier’s Bistro on Miami Street, and receives support from philanthropic interests, like the Pokagon Fund and Beacon Health (Memorial Hospital.)

The Community Foundation of St Joseph County also sought to help make the Unity Gardens sustainable. The recent Give Local SJC day provided the Unity Gardens with its largest fundraising event ever; 90 donors raised $47,685 in 24 hours.

Stewart said the kid’s camp is making a difference in the community. The Memorial Hospital Youth Discovery Project gives kids in the nearby Beacon Heights neighborhood a place of belonging, with supervised activities during the day. The Unity Gardens contributes fresh produce to the summer lunch program offered by the South Bend Parks, and the meals include healthy ingredients harvested by the campers themselves. The effort empowers campers with a sense of purpose and develops self-esteem, as they provide for themselves and their families.

In this way, the Unity Gardens and cocoa mulch from Davis Chocolate contribute to a positive network of accountability locally. Through ethical trading practices in the worldwide cocoa industry and corporate responsibility here at home, Davis Chocolate is finding ways to craft premium chocolate while closing the loop on sustainability,

At Davis Chocolate, we take great pride in making premium chocolate that delights the senses.

Recently, we partnered with Paul Joachim, the Chocolate Genius, to help Give Kids the World at Walt Disney World.

If we needed any reminder about why we love to make chocolate, it is the look on this girl's face!

Learn more about how Davis Chocolate can help you make your chocolate making dreams come true, sign up for our newsletter by clicking here!


We buy cacao from Fair Trade™ Certified sources around the world. The country of origin, even the specific locations of the farms, influences the taste of the chocolate.

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At Davis Chocolate™, we take pride in thinking outside the box. With every private label and co-manufacturing customer comes an opportunity to get creative and craft exclusive, custom-made chocolate. But when Food Network star Paul Joachim called, Brent Davis, company founder and chief chocolatier, was challenged to manufacture something entirely new.

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