No soy here (and why it matters)

NonGMO Fair Trade CacaoThe experience of chocolate melting on your tongue is like no other. 

At Davis Chocolate, we begin with the finest cacao beans selected from Fair Trade Certified™ suppliers. By using minimal processing techniques, our chocolates bring forth flavors evocative of their natural origin.

Most commercially made chocolate contains lecithin, an emulsifying agent that prevents cocoa butter from separating from cocoa solids and milk (in  milk chocolate recipes), stabilizing the cocoa solids. (Not exactly the "melt on your tongue" chocolate experience your customers want.)

Commonly, lecithin is derived from soy. Most soy in North America is genetically modified (GMO). Among many consumers, there are growing concerns that genetically modified ingredients present potentially long-term health risks. Listed by the FDA as a major food allergen, research also indicates soy may present some cancer risks.

For these reasons, Davis Chocolate is committed to remaining a soy-free facility.

There are relatively few soy-free chocolate brands in today's market. As you seek to differentiate your products from the rest, we are ready to help you with custom recipes, single-origin bean selection and efficiently produced finished products.