Davis Chocolate and Food Network star team up to manufacture a masterpiece

At Davis Chocolate™, we take pride in thinking outside the box. With every private label and co-manufacturing customer comes an opportunity to get creative and craft exclusive, custom-made chocolate. But when Food Network star Paul Joachim called, Brent Davis, company founder and chief chocolatier, was challenged to manufacture something entirely new.

Joachim is a world-famous chocolate sculptor. He combines his artistic background and chocolate affection to create life-size sculptures of well-known figures. However, his original modeling chocolate couldn’t stand the heat of the Florida sun.

That is until Joachim met Davis!

“Brent asked me what I wish chocolate could do, and I wanted the ability to sculpt chocolate outside,” Joachim said. “Brent didn’t skip a beat making that a reality.”

Davis and Joachim tested different chocolates until they came up with the perfect recipe containing only four ingredients (and, according to Joachim, amazing taste). During the trial period, Joachim was impressed with Davis Chocolate’s commitment to product integrity.

“Davis Chocolate always uses the highest quality cocoa beans and roasts them to perfection,” said Joachim. “They have deep understanding on how luxurious chocolate is supposed to taste along with an impeccable texture.”

With his new molding chocolate at hand, Joachim has sculpted the likes of LeBron James, Katniss Everdeen and Marilyn Monroe, even in the throes of a Miami summer. However, what works on the beach doesn’t work everywhere.

“I’ve sculpted outside in temperatures as high as 90 degrees in the shade, but if I’m sculpting in Los Angeles, Davis Chocolate makes me a recipe that sculpts great in low humidity,” said Joachim. “If I’m sculpting in Singapore, they make me a recipe that sculpts in high humidity.”

Although not every customer is in need of a new invention, Joachim says the Davis Chocolate team has the talent and creativity to make almost anything for anybody.

“Larger chocolate manufacturers do not have the flexibility, logistics or overall ability to make custom batches of modeling chocolate like this,” said Joachim. “The chocolatiers at Davis Chocolate have simply perfected their chocolate for optimal taste and workability for discriminating chocolate lovers and artists such as myself.”