Taking the HACCP Challenge

 April is National Pest Management Month.

While we’re not going to ask if you hugged your pest professional today, we do believe prevention is the best defense. That is why we will be reviewing our own preventive policies as part of our ongoing commitment to food safety, as part of the Mentor Food Safety HACCP Challenge!

Quality pest management is a high priority for all of us at Davis Chocolate™. We consider it not only a matter of producing healthful products for the consumer, but also of protecting the reputation of our customers. We feel it is an on-going daily process, not just a solution when a problem emerges.

To manage the risks, while respecting environmental concerns, we follow specific principles to address any underlying causes, prevent occurrences, and monitor our facility.

We conduct routine inspections of raw materials arriving at our facility as well as areas where pests are likely to appear. Knowing where to look for problems will help us identify any vulnerabilities and take pre-emptive actions.

The proper analysis of the risks leads us to the best corrective techniques or control methods. Quality assurance through third-party audits, in coordination with our service provider, protects our customer’s peace of mind.