Sculpnutta Sculpting Chocolate

Brent Davis hooks up with Paul Joachim and created a new chocolate.

Marilyn Monroe Chocolate SculptureThis chocolate is meant for sculpting. Sculpting Chocolate can withstand 90 degree temperatures while still maintaining its shape and is ideal for outside celebrations. Sculpting chocolate is a unique way to create something memorable for all of your chocolate and festivity needs. When Brent met Paul he was looking for something that would provide more heat resistance and better texture for the sculpting process. There are two kinds of sculpting chocolate and the is one for inside and one for outside. The difference between the inside and the outside chocolate is that the chocolate sets up slow or faster.

Davis Chocolate was featured on CBS' The Talk on October 28th, 2013. Paul Joachim worked together with Davis Chocolate to produce a sculpting chocolate that was used on the show to create a replica of host Sheryl Underwood for her 50th birthday. Over 130 lbs. of chocolate was used to create the life-size replica. To thank the hosts for using Davis Chocolate, private labeled chocolates were given as gifts.

Sculpting chocolate can be ordered online in 20 lb, 50 lb, and 100 lb quantities.

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