Why Buy Davis Chocolate?


Family owned company

Member of the Fine Chocolate Industrial Association



Bean to bar manufacturer — with only three ingredients, we provide you with the true flavor of chocolate

Single origin — cocoa bean are purchase from Ecuador to support and better pay to cocoa workers and farmers

Fair trade — cocoa farmers receive a living wage and a premium for their product

Rainforest alliance — cocoa growers receive a higher price for beans to fund both ethical and sustainable production which includes environmental, economic, and labor conditions

Organic — no artificial flavor or colors, preservatives, or chemical ingredients

Kosher and parve — use only organic cocoa butter; no dairy

Soy free facility — non-GMO and gluten free — a large percentage of soy is both genetically modified and loaded with pesticides

Temperature controlled product — manipulates the chocolate for better taste and appearance


Wine and Chocolate

Most knowledgeable about wine and chocolate — Works with a master sommelier for exquisite wine and chocolate pairing