Why should you offer private label bars from Davis Chocolate?

Davis Chocolate Private Label

Davis Chocolate™ offers private label, premium chocolate—crafted with the purest ingredients, custom flavors and molds, and exceptional customer service.

As wellness continues to be a healthy trend in the chocolate business throughout North America, market dynamics and consumer preferences expand the opportunities for growing your brand beyond your brick-and-mortar storefront or community.

Educated, nuanced and selective consumers want to know they are making the best choices for their health, and will pay a premium price for what they perceive as premium chocolate.

In fact, according to a recent article posted online by Store Brands, Stagnito Business Information, consumers are willing to pay up to 8.9% more for products they deem healthy.

In-house brands provide value and higher margins. By getting your privately labeled bar on shelves in regional and national stores, you can expand your business without affecting the joy you share with the customers in your shop.

Private label chocolate currently makes up 3.2% of the US market. Loyalty for chocolate brands is intense. As you know, in chocolate quality matters. For your patrons, chocolate purchases are discretionary, but they believe there is a high benefit to cost in terms of enjoyment and satisfaction of your chocolate.

Chocolatiers who want to satisfy their loyal customer's high expectations for diverse and healthy snacking options, should consider increasing their marketability by offering private label brand chocolate bars co-manufactured with Davis Chocolate™.

We are ready and able to help you meet your pricing strategy, innovation plans and supply chain demands with custom recipes, small to medium ordering (low minimum orders) and fulfillment capabilities. This allows you to bring your passion to delight the senses through artisan chocolate – and spend more time on your craft while we manage the process.

Our commitment to socially responsible sustainability, high quality carefully crafted chocolate and exceptional service will make your brand stand out. From quote to prototype, you work closely with our chocolate development and marketing teams to get your product to the marketplace and grow your business.

With our experience in innovative product development and collaboration, we can offer you a unique range of options, with control of the process from farm through production.